Joe Burrow says his accuracy is his best attribute


Quarterback Joe Burrow, the presumptive No. 1 overall pick in the draft, can do everything incredibly well. So what does he do the best?

Burrow answered that question during a Monday visit with #PFTPM.

“I would say my accuracy is probably the best thing that I can do,” Burrow said. “I have always been a pretty accurate quarterback going back to high school and it is something that I have prided myself on. My junior year, when I completed 57 percent of my balls, I was very very frustrated in myself. I had always prided myself in completing a high percentage of my passes and there are several reasons that that number was so low, but the biggest one was that I just wasn’t as accurate as I had always been so I worked really, really hard on getting my feet set again after off-platform situations, getting my feet set to an on-platform situation as fast as I could and I think that really helped my accuracy this year.”

It made a huge difference. Burrow rocketed from a 57.8 completion percentage during his first year at LSU to 76.3 percent during his final season. And the sheer volume of throws was dramatically greater during his season year with LSU. In 2018, he threw 379 passes, completing 219. In 2019, Burrow connected on 402 of 527 throws.

Along the way, Burrow’s yards per attempt increased from 7.6 to 10.8, his passing yards nearly doubled, from 2,894 to 5,671, his touchdown passes skyrocketed from 16 to 60, and his interceptions increased by only one — from five to six.

So it’s no surprise that, with one of the very best seasons and college quarterback ever has had, Burrow is poised to be the first overall pick, and by all appearances to quickly become a short-list NFL franchise quarterback.